Accessible transport

Public transport in Victoria is being made more accessible for people with disabilities and to comply with the provisions of the Commonwealth Government’s Disability Discrimination Act (1992) and the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (2002).

The Accessible Public Transport Action Plan is a strategy for delivering accessible bus, train, tram and taxi services throughout Victoria. The Accessible Public Transport Action Plan 2013-17 was released in December 2013. For more information, including how to access the plan, see Action Plan.

Customers with accessibility difficulties may be eligible to apply for Free Travel Passes.

If you have hearing difficulties, a TTY facility is available by calling 03 9619 2727.

Affordability and availability are important elements of the public transport system.

Victorians who are unable to afford a ticket or access transport services might be prevented from accessing employment, educational and social opportunities.

A number of concessions are available to assist Senior Victorians, students, people on low incomes and people with special needs.

Use the links below for information about accessible transport in Melbourne and Victoria.

  • Try Before You Ride: An annual event aimed at supporting people of all abilities in using the public transport network.
  • Mobility aids: Mobility aid specifications for travelling on public transport.
  • Assistance dogs: These assistance dogs can travel for free on all public transport.
  • Travellers Aid Australia: Travellers Aid Australia centres offer support services and transport information for customers, particularly those with special needs.
  • Improving accessibility: Public Transport Victoria has undertaken a number of initiatives to improve the accessibility of public transport.

  • Public Transport Access Committee: The Public Transport Access Committee (PTAC) provides independent advice to the Minister for Public Transport and Public Transport Victoria with the aim of creating a public transport system that is inclusive and accessible to all Victorians.